Generating new business is essential to the future of your firm, and if you are like most CPA firms you have tried a number of different approaches to create that growth. The Whetstone Group has helped CPA firms across the U.S. and Canada build and implement organized, measurable growth plans that produce results.

Led by a CPA and former partner of a national CPA firm, our firm leverages a thorough understanding of growth, sales and marketing within the partnership culture. From growth planning to lead generation, our services were designed for — and tested in — CPA firms just like yours. Please visit Our Services page to see The Whetstone Group business development model.

Success Stories

Sax Macy Fromm Gets Organized for Growth, Results
"Before working with Whetstone our marketing activities were ad hoc and results were unpredictable. They helped us create one cohesive plan to grow our firm and showed us how to make sure the plan gets implemented."
- Marc Blumenthal, Partner, Sax Macy Fromm

Insero & Company Gets Partners Involved
"We have overwhelming buy in and the firm is buzzing with excitement. Even the least marketing-focused partners related to Whetstone. They helped us all understand that growth is more than just getting new clients -- everyone has a piece they can contribute."
-- Nancy Catarisano, Partner, Insero & Company