Sales management is a crucial element of a growth culture. It involves tracking results, measuring success, managing the overall process and training and coaching firm leadership, team leaders, team members and individual partners to keep them motivated and successful.

How We Help

Implementation Management -- Through ongoing consulting via phone and email, as well as a number of onsite visits spread over the year, The Whetstone Group works with firm management, team leaders, teams and individuals to make sure overall implementation of your plan(s) is happening.

Business Development Training -- Whetstone offers a number of business development training sessions, targeted to different levels of professionals, which can be delivered in person during regular visits or via webinar.

The Whetstone Growth Academy (WGA) -- Firms can enroll any number of professionals in this career-spanning, webinar-based training program for a one-time fee per person per year.

Client Service Consulting -- The Whetstone Group will guide your firm through a process to define what excellent client service looks like for your firm, translate that to specific behavior expectations and train your staff to deliver quality client service. We'll help you develop measurement tools to evaluate your firm's improvement in client service over time.

Referral and Prospecting Programs -- Whetstone takes you through the "before, during and after," helping you plan and prepare, implement and follow-up on these crucial business development activities.

Proposal Assistance -- Whether you're looking for help on a single proposal opportunity or want to improve your proposals overall, Whetstone can help. Our consultants will show you how to work the proposal process from needs assessment through document preparation and presentation. We'll help you develop powerful sales messages and coach you on how to make your proposal presentation more effective and also how to follow up to close the deal.