The Whetstone Growth Academy (WGA) ) is a webinar-based business development training program organized into five levels of content; each level is designed for a specific level of staff in your firm. From one- and two- year staff to the most advanced partners, WGA teaches participants concepts and skills appropriate to their level of experience. Each course helps your professionals succeed in their current roles and also shapes them into future leaders.

For one low annual subscription fee, enrolled professionals have unlimited access to the courses as well as the recordings of each session. Courses may be accessed from anywhere you have a phone line and Internet connection.

WGA helps CPA firms:

  • Increase firm-wide participation in various marketing activities
  • Maximize growth opportunities with your current clients
  • Prepare potential partners to effectively work the sales cycle and close new business
  • Introduce new accountants and recent hires to your firm's business development approach

Our straightforward tools help your professionals recognize their strengths and find new ways to contribute.

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