Young Professionals Business Development Bundle

Networking Events

Description: This session helps participants become professional representatives of their firms at community and industry networking events. Senior staff will learn how to prepare for a potential networking opportunity and receive tips to make them more comfortable and effective during an event. The session will also illustrate how to maximize the value of each event through effective follow-up activities with new contacts.

Generating Effective Referrals

Description: Even with a variety of marketing opportunities at a CPA firm’s disposal, a significant amount of new business can be traced back to positive referrals. This session will help firms save time and money by focusing on the right Centers of Influence (COI) and communicating a clear value proposition for potential referral sources. Participants will learn tips for getting client referrals as well, including which clients to ask, and how to approach them and when to make the requests. The session will also provide strategies for managing and evaluating existing referral sources.

Personal Marketing Methods and Skills

Description: Individuals can maximize their contributions to a firm’s business development efforts by selecting activities that best match their professional strengths. This session will explore a variety of techniques, including article writing, speaking engagement and group memberships, which can be employed to advance the image of the individuals and their firms. Participants will learn how to choose methods that best fit their personalities and how to transition from marketing to sales when appropriate.

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