Solutions for Individuals

Individuals looking for opportunities for self-study or for a deeper dive into a specific skill or concept can purchase these composed series of course recordings. Designed for a single user, these courses enable professionals to explore the soft skills that enable them to grow to the next level of contributor in their firms.

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Whetstone Development Academy: Phase I (WDA I)
Best Suited For: CPA Professionals with 1-4 years of experience
Training materials divided into a series of 10 live, web-based courses that focus primarily on the non-technical behaviors of client service. This series' unique way of defining client service gives participants a foundation for becoming a trusted business advisor to their clients in the future. The WDA I also introduces young professionals to business development activities that are appropriate for where they are in their careers with information that can be applied immediately as professionals go about serving clients and interacting in their communities.

Whetstone Development Academy: Phase II (WDA II)
Best Suited For: CPA Professionals with 4-7 years of experience
This series of live, web-based courses builds on material from WDA I, evolving skills and concepts in alignment with a professional's progress in his/her career. Participants begin to learn the behaviors that lead to becoming a trusted advisor as well as more advanced business development skills such as deepening relationships with referral sources, lead generation techniques and how to work the decision cycle.

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Whetstone Growth Academy (WGA) Recording Bundles
Best Suited For: CPA Professionals at any level who are interested in training on a specific topic
The WGA Recording Bundles are composed of a series of recorded courses (anywhere from 2-4 one-hour courses) that enable individuals to explore a specific business development or client service related topic. Each webinar contains practical advice, tools and approaches from our award-winning Whetstone Growth Academy training program.

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Individual Whetstone Growth Academy Recordings
Best Suited For: CPA Professionals looking for a quick refresher or introduction to a specific concept
WGA recordings are one-hour recordings of web-based courses (including both audio and visual components) that are downloaded and viewed by individual users.

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