Training and Development

People are a CPA firm's most important resource -- so firms interested in attracting and retaining the best professionals provide continual professional development opportunities that go beyond technical training. They invest in developing well-rounded CPAs who make a significant contribution to both their client's and their firm's success.

Our team of experts has created 48 hours of training content on the most significant practice development topics for CPA professionals.

The material is:

       Customizable: Training can be packaged and presented in the format that works best for your firm culture. It can be delivered as a stand-alone development package or integrated into an existing program.

       Flexible: There are options for in-person classroom learning, web-based learning, self-study or hybrid packages that include some combination which enables firms to take advantage of the AICPA's recently adopted nano-learning and blended learning formats.

       Relevant: All material has been developed exclusively for CPA professionals by a practicing CPA and business development professionals with decades of experience working in and for CPA firms.

       Practical: Each course includes tools for application of the material as well as program implementation guidelines, discussion questions for groups, and approaches that have been tested in firms for the past 20 years.

Training options are designed either for individuals who want to continue their skills development in specific areas or for firms interested in a comprehensive program for their professionals.


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