Professional and Business Development Training Bundles

Now available for purchase - professional and business development training bundles for CPAs. Recognizing the value of flexibility, as well as the necessity of quality training we've bundled some of our award-winning courses into topic-specific bundles. Each bundle consists of a series of recorded training sessions on the most relevant and in-demand material from the Whetstone Growth Academy.

(Details of each of the courses can be found in the WGA course catalog by clicking here.)

Bundles consist of:

  • One-hour recordings of both audio and visual components making sessions easy to incorporate into a busy professional's day.
  • Interactive exercises for participants.
  • Follow-up discussion questions for use after the session(s) to aid participants in practically applying the concepts from each course to his/her firm.

Available bundles include:

The Social Media Bundle (3 hours - $237)

  • 103: Introduction to Social Media for Professionals
  • 203: Intermediate Social Media Usage
  • 304: Using Social Media as a Prospecting Tool

The Managing Growth and Accountability Bundle (4 hours - $316)

  • 501 A: Managing Growth - Getting Everyone Involved
  • 501 B: Accountability - Growth Metrics and Coaching for Change
  • 501 C: Looking Ahead - Setting a Course for the Future
  • 502: Managing Online Marketing for Your Firm

The New Business Development Bundle (3 hours total - $237)

  • 401 A: What it Means to Be a Business Developer
  • 401 B: Assessing Needs and Influencing Perceptions
  • 401 C: Working the Decision Cycle and Closing

The Young Professionals Business Development Bundle (3 hours - $237)

  • 202: Working Events
  • 302: Generating Effective Referrals
  • 303: Personal Marketing Methods and Skills

Pre-order the following Bundles:

Coming in October!

The Basic Client Service Bundle (3 hours - $237)

  • 102: Client Service Communication Skills and Etiquette
  • 201A: Basic Client Development - Engagement Satisfaction
  • 201B: Basic Client Development - Understanding Your Client's Perspective


Coming in November!

The Becoming a Trusted Advisor to Your Clients Bundle (2 hours - $158)

  • 301A: Trusted Advisor Training Part I
  • 301B: Trusted Advisor Training Part II

Coming in December!

The Proposal Process Bundle (2 hours - $158)

  • 402A: Mastering the Proposal Process Part I
  • 402B: Mastering the Proposal Process Part II